Cruising the Danube

With Tom Sommers' EuroCanals Cruising Guides

There are many trips that can be described as the “Trip of a Lifetime” but a cruise down the Danube certainly tops the list for inland-waterways travelers, in terms of both sightseeing and adventure. It can a long trip (the Danube is the second-longest river in Europe, after the Volga) but that means that it brings opportunities to see new natural and cultural features, along with the pleasures and challenges of meeting and learning about new people.

A trip may start at one of the ports on the Danube river, but more often it begins at a departure port on one of the upstream waterways. This website starts at the North Sea/English Channel, describing the route from the Netherlands, through Germany, to the Donau river of Germany then through seven more countries to the Black Sea.

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