Wachau Valley, Austria

The 33km route between Melk and Krems is in the world famous Wachau valley, with its vineyards, its dreamy towns and villages, its castles, churches, monasteries and the ruins of old castles. The spectacular Abbey of Melk dominates the west entrance to the Wachau valley; downstream travelers have seen the dome and twin onion-towers before entering the Melk lock, then viewed the mustard and white walls of the huge building.

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The Wachau valley is an ideal location for visits by bicycle, either those carried onboard or rented from local sources. Suggested routes along the right or left banks are described in detail on the website, Stage 5, north bank and south bank.


Nowhere in Wachau pulls in the tourists like Dürnstein. The village is nestled below a forested hill and next to a rock cliff, at the top of which are the ruins of Kuenringerburg and on a ledge just above the river is the Dürnstein Abbey.

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