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Kilometer Posts:
The Danube is very thoroughly marked by kilometer posts along the bank, counting down from KM2411 at Kelheim, Germany, to zero at Sulina, Romania, on the Black Sea. KM Post 2410 is the first on the navigable Donau river, near Kelheim, Germany. The style will vary in other countries; sometimes the first two digits are smaller and only the last two digits are large enough to be easily read, as in the third photo, at KM1653 in Slovakia.

EuroCanals Guides utilize the format KM2410.0L, KM2187.0R or KM1653.0R. The letters R/L indicate that the object is on the right or left bank, as seen when looking downstream.


Rivers of the Danube route:

Waal river, Netherlands

Rhein river, Germany

Main river, Germany

Main-Donau-Kanal, Germany

Upper Donau river, Germany

Donau river, Germany

Donau river, Austria

Dunaj river, Slovakia

Duna river, Hungary

Dunav river, Croatia

Дунав (Danube) river, Serbia

Dunarii river, Romania

Дунав (Danube) river, Bulgaria


Donau river, Germany KM2390

The Danube begins in the Black Forest of Germany and is navigable from Kelheim, Bavaria for 2412 kilometers to Sulina, Romania, passing through ten countries and four capital cities. Access from the major cities of western Europe was made possible in 1992 by the completion of the Main-Donau Kanal to form a link across the European continental divide. This has opened up the primary waterway route from the North Sea to the Black Sea for commercial barges, river cruise ships and recreational boaters.
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The river descends through three sections, each with its own characteristics:

Danube sections
Overall countries map

Thousands of photos taken on two trips down the Danube (first trip starting at Calais, France and the second trip from Vlissingen, Netherlands, both all the way to the Black Sea) have been used to create the EuroCanals PhotoNav Guides for the Danube. They include the photos shown on this website.

In full-page format they display the details of landmarks along the route, in a km-by-km sequence. The photos are identified by kilometer post; they include ports, bridges, locks as well as sites worth noting. Examples are described on this page:

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