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Duna river, Hungary

In Hungary the Danube has become a lowland rather than a mountain river, as it crosses the flat Hungarian plain. A brief exception is this crossing of the Börszöny Mountains between Nagymaros and Visegrád, an area with beautiful scenery as the Duna river makes an S-curve in front of the royal fortress at Visegrád.

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The table shows the KM Post markers starting at Kelheim, Germany; KM to is the reverse, the distance from Kelheim. The country name cell includes the 2-letter identifier, local name for the Danube and the length of the river in that country.

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Thousands of photos taken on two trips down the Danube (first trip starting at Calais, France and the second trip from Vlissingen, Netherlands, both all the way to the Black Sea) have been used to create the EuroCanals PhotoNav Guides for the Danube. They include the photos shown on this website.

In full-page format they display the details of landmarks along the route, in a km-by-km sequence. The photos are identified by kilometer post; they include ports, bridges, locks as well as sites worth noting. Examples are described on this page:

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